Concealed Door Closers


Ryobi’s technology in high quality die-casting and advanced production methods have been combined to produce a highly competitive range of performance closers. In-house tested to 500,000 cycles and incorporating precision rack and pinion mechanisms, the concealed closer range offers outstanding quality and performance at a very realistic price.


Maximum control over the doors closing speed is provided by the easy to operate hydraulic adjustment, whilst the versatile hydraulic mechanism also allows for 1st and 2nd closing (as illustrated), ensuring a smooth and independent control over the doors movement. The added benefit of a latching speed control is available with the COU-50 series and CO-55,56,whilst for the heavy duty CO-55 and 56 a new,adjustable,hydraulic backcheck function is a significant feature.


Available for all models in the series, the new mechanical backcheck (cushion check) function, features setting and adjustment in the guide rail. The cushioned rubber absorbs the power of the door in the event of it violently swinging open, as in the case of high winds or public misuse.
The backcheck facility reduces the possibility of door damage and is particularly important in public buildings, schools and hospitals where the protection of people and property is paramount.
Note:CO-55,56 have hydraulic backcheck function.
Mechanical backcheck function is not necessary for CO-55,56.